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Travel Insurance - New TravelPro

1. Total Tranquility: Total Tranquility for your trip. Your New Journey gives you your journey
2. Maximum Travel Period 183 Days
3. Plan with unlimited limits for Medical Expenses
4. Available Competitive Premium for Individual, Spouse and Family
5. 4 hour waiting period for delay for baggage or plane
6. Cashless Hospital Admission for the conditions guaranteed
7. Only with 1 Phone Call: Protection with flexible plan options to suit your needs and
8. The Allianz Global Assistance 24 hour emergency service is available worldwide.
9. Travel procession from Rp. 47,000
10. No Own Risk

New TravelPRo Product Details:

1. Protection against medical risks during the trip:

- Medical Expenses and Medical related expenses Abroad
- Advanced Medical Expenses in the country of origin

Worldwide emergency assistance
- Emergency Medical Evacuation and Repatriation
- Repatriation (Return of the Bodies or Funeral Expenses Abroad)
- The person who accompanies child protection
- Hospital admission guarantee
- 24 hour assistance Allianz Global Assistance during the trip

2. Protection against travel discomfort:
- Delays and loss of luggage
- Baggage Protection
- Missing travel documents
- Losing personal money
- Early return
- Trip cancellation
- Travel delay
- Travel disturbance and loss of
- advanced transport
- Misuse of credit card
- Personal accident
- Personal responsibility
- Own risk of rental car rental
- Protection from Terrorism
- Automatic renewal of the policy (hospitalization)

3. Flexibility of percentage of benefits based on Plan options: New TravelPro offers 250% total benefits in each policy.

4. Superior, Deluxe, Premier and Basic Schengen packages are available with Greater Asia, Pacific & Schengen, and Worldwide coverage with 1-31 day trips with a maximum duration of 183 days travel and a special premium for additional travel duration.

5. Available Individual Premium, Spouse and Family

6.Age :
Children 14 Days - 17 Years
Adult 18 Years - 84 Years

Available TravelPro Premium packageTravelPro TravelPro Deluxe and Superior with the ASEAN Plus and Worldwide range andduration of the trip from 4-30 days and apply a special premium for the additional duration of the tripGet complete protectionstarts at a premium of USD 3 (Rp. 30,000).

Coverage includes:

  • Medical cover
    • Medical expense overseas
    • Overseas hospital daily cash benefits
  • Worldwide emergency assistance
    • Emergency evacuation
    • Repatriation
    • Return of unattended children
    • Hospital admission guarantee
    • Add. Cost due to hospitalization for 1 accompanying family member
    • 24-h emergency assistance hotline
  • Personal accident
    • Accidental death & disablement
    • Loss of income (up to 12 weeks)
    • Compassionate death cash & visit
  • Travel inconvenience
    • Personal baggage cover
    • Loss of money
    • Loss of travel document
    • Loss of home content due to burglary
    • Delays
    • Trip related
      • Postponement & cancellation
      • Curtailment
      • Unexpected hospitalization
  • Travel inconvenience
    • Personal liability
    • Automatic policy extension (hospitalization)
    • Terrorism cover

Allianz Care Call Center 1500136

Our Officer will assist you with Claim Form and Documents required for filing a claim.

Also can contact professional Agent Joko Suhendro at 0815 1012 1341

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