Property Insurance

1. Coverage is not just limited to fires, theft or floods but also covers earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, storms, hurricanes, or landslides

2. Bearing also other burdens that accompany when a disaster occurs, such as temporary accommodation costs, often adds to the weight of difficulties that are being encountered. Other things such as a rupture of tanks, devices, or household water pipes, and other unexpected things that can cost you money

We provide Comprehensive Insurance for your property, so you need no worry about it again. We cover / protect your Building and Contents from the risk ; Fire, Lightning, Explosion, Falling Down Air Craft, Smoke, also Flood, Windstorm, Tempest, Water Damage, and Eartquake, Volcanic Eruption, Tsunami as well. And we also protect the risk from; Riots, Strike, Malicious Damage, Civil Commotion, Landslide, Burglary, and others. For further information please contact Joko Suhendro 0815 1012 1341

Allianz Care Call Center 1500136

Our Officer will assist you with Claim Form and Documents required for filing a claim.

Also can contact professional Agent Joko Suhendro at 0815 1012 1341

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