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Allianz MobilKu Insurance
Comprehensive vehicle insurance, not complicated, and a lot of protection options. Allianz MobilKu also provides 3 comprehensive packages that can customize your needs:
Allianz MobilKu Grand:
Your vehicle protection solution is the most complete and not complicated.
Allianz MobilKu ECO:
Your vehicle protection solution is economical and suited to your needs.
Allianz MobilKu Like:
Your vehicle protection solution is your choice and desire.

In addition to protecting your vehicle comprehensively, Allianz MobilKu Grand also:

Protect your vehicle from unrest
Medical protection against riders and passengers
Protection of personal belongings
Cash settlement options for some vehicle repairs

Protects the theft of your vehicle from either a private driver or a Valet driver.
24 hour protection from personal accident (Death or Total Permanent Defect) with sum insured Rp. 100,000,000. Applies all over the world.

Cars are nowadays is one of the most frequent transportation facilities used by people in Indonesia; the increasing number of motor vehicle users has an impact on the rising demand of the type of protection as well.

Allianz designed this product to provide maximum protection for a comfort in driving on the road. This product offers 2 types of protection selection, namely Comprehensive or Total Loss Only (TLO). The protection cover ranges from car loss, damage or loss caused by accidents, riots, acts of terrorism and sabotage, natural disasters up to legal liabilities towards third parties. In addition, this product also provides protection against the risk of death, permanent total or partial disability, compensation for medical expenses for accidents of the drivers and or passengers.

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Our Officer will assist you with Claim Form and Documents required for filing a claim.

Also can contact professional Agent Joko Suhendro at 0815 1012 1341

Common Questions
1. Do I need to buy vehicle insurance?
Vehicle insurance is highly recommended for every vehicle owner to provide calm in driving because the risk of accident is never unexpected. Especially if your vehicle is still in the credit process because in case of disaster you still have to pay off until the payment is over and the insurance provides financial protection for you

2. Are there any other benefits I get from vehicle insurance?
You will feel secure and at ease with the guarantee of any unforeseen accident on you and your vehicle, as long as the risk is guaranteed in the policy.

3. What are the types of vehicle insurance coverage?
Vehicle insurance covers: Comprehensive guarantees losses from collisions, collisions, reverses, slips, misconduct of others, lost vehicles, floods, riots, riots, loss of equipment, etc. Total Loss Only (TLO) guarantees losses due to total burn, lost, accident with a minimum damage of 75% of the price of the vehicle.

4. What is the age limit of an insurable vehicle for the Allianz Mobilku Package?
For Comprehensive Guarantee (Comprehensive) and Total Loss Only (TLO) age up to 10 years

5. What car can be insured in Allianz Mobilku Packages? All non-truck type cars (eg, sedans, MPVs and SUVs) are of use for personal / vehicle ownership purposes.

 6. What is the difference between private and commercial use in motor vehicle insurance? For personal / official use, the insured does not receive any remuneration because the vehicle is used for the activities of the insured personally, while for commercial use the vehicle owner receives a compensation from the use of the vehicle (eg rent)

7. How to pay insurance?
Payments can be made in several ways: Transfer directly to Allianz's account, listed on the policy, Using credit card at cashier located in the nearest Allianz office

8. What is the extension of personal accident insurance (Personal Accident)?
Warranties against the risk of personal injury include death and permanent disability of the driver and / or passenger encountered while using the insured vehicle. Why do I need to provide my mobile number information to Allianz? Your mobile number is required so that you can get additional services from Allianz, such as feature and service notifications, policy due dates, claims work status, and more.

9. How do I renew my Allianz Mobil policy?
Allianz will automatically remind you by mail, email, or phone about a month before your policy ends based on the data contained in our database. Therefore, it is important for you to let us know if there is any change of address or phone number. The next stage you just make a confirmation to Allianz, paying the premium nominal to Allianz's account. After that your policy will be renewed.

10. Does Allianz disseminate or sell information about my data to others?
Allianz Indonesia is committed not to disseminate your information and / or data to any other parties outside of Allianz.

11. What is an endorsement?
Changes in data on the insurance policy, such as changes in vehicle data, name change of the insured, etc., which can be done by applying for a change or endorsement policy. The purpose of the endorsement is to equate the data between the insured data and the data insurer to facilitate the moment of claim management.

12. What is a Partial Loss claim?
That is claims that the repair value has not reached 100% of the vehicle's actual price just before the loss.

13. What is a Total Loss claim?
Claims consisting of two types, namely claims of CTL (Construction Total Loss) and claims of loss (Stolen). CTL (Construction Total Loss) claims are claims caused by accidents whose repair costs are equal to or greater than the actual price of the vehicle immediately prior to the loss. Claim Lost (Stolen) is a claim arising from another person's misdemeanor or theft including a theft that was preceded or accompanied or followed by violent or violent threat to an insured person and / or vehicle for the purpose of facilitating the theft of a motor vehicle or equipment Motor vehicle insured.

14. What is a third party liability claim claim?
Claims arising from a claim from a third party insured caused directly by an insured motor vehicle. Demands may be: Material Damage or Body Injury

15. What is a vehicle's actual price?
It is the value of the proceeds of sale that may be obtained on a motor vehicle with the same mark, type, model and year as stated in the policy on the free market just prior to the occurrence of loss and or damage.

16. How do I determine the amount of coverage that suits my car's circumstances?
The amount of coverage in accordance with the market price of a vehicle can be seen from the car price table which is periodically always updated. The market price of the vehicle can be asked to the Agency or can be seen in the latest automotive magazines, such as Auto Bild.

17. How to calculate compensation for an under insured vehicle?
The trick is the sum insured divided by Market Price at the time of accident or loss multiplied by the amount of repair value. (Sum Insured) / (Market Price) × Repair Value.

18. How to calculate the claim with the insurance price under insured or over insured?
Example A (Under Insured): Price Coverage of ZZ brand car: Rp 200,000,000.- Market price at the time of the risk: Rp 250,000,000.- There is a claim of Rp 20,000,000.- The insurer will pay: (Rp 200,000,000) / (Rp 250,000,000 ) × Rp 20,000,000 = Rp 16,000,000 Difference of Rp 4,000,000.- be borne by the insured personally. Example B (Over Insured) Price ZZ car insurance: Rp 150,000,000.- Market price at the time of the risk: Rp 100,000,000.- There is a claim of Rp 50,000,000.- The insurer will pay: (Rp 150,000,000) / (Rp 100,000,000 ) × Rp 50,000,000 = Rp 75,000,000 Due to over Insured, the maximum paid by the Insurer is Rp 50,000,000.-, Difference Rp 25,000,000.- be borne by the insured personally.

19. Can claim submissions be represented to others?
Yes, as long as attaching the original KTP of the policyholder or power of attorney and copy of the policy cardholder of the policyholder, and know the incident in detail by attaching the letters.

20. Is the driver also assured when an accident while driving my car?
If you have expanded your personal accident insurance, it will automatically protect the driver and passengers at the time of the incident. So if the driver is driving your car, he will also be protected.Can I get a guarantee of maintenance costs when an accident occurs?
You can get a guaranteed maintenance fee by extending the warranty on Allianz Mobilku products.

21. What is a workshop that has TUV Rheinland certification?
Allianz's partner workshops have excellent quality results based on the assessment of independent TUV Rheinland and continue to be monitored by Allianz

22. What are the advantages of choosing a workshop that has TUV Rheinland certification?
In addition to quality work, there are services such as; Warranty workshop and vehicle shuttle facilities.

23. What is a Default Clause? How does this affect when I will file a claim?
The original defect clause is an additional provision on a motor vehicle policy that explains the condition of damage to your vehicle, which occurred before the vehicle was insured. Allianz does not warrant such damages.

24. Does Allianz Insurance service cover all cities in Indonesia?
Allianz services can be obtained wherever you are throughout Indonesia as long as there is a branch office or sales office of Allianz in the city. If in your city there is no Allianz office, you can come to the Allianz representative office nearest to where you live.

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